Dr. Prometheus Lionhart, MD

Dr. Prometheus Lionhart, MD

There comes, even to kings, the time of great weariness.  When the speech of men is as empty as the rattle of a jester’s bell, when the sun is copper in the sky, and even the breath of green ocean is no longer fresh.  Upon this hour, there came a great longing within the heart of Prometheus Lionhart for things beyond himself.  In years past, combat would have rattled the chains of his heart, but he did not care anymore. Life and death – the same. The howls of lust and fury no longer sparkled like the ice of the white seas.

The hours drifted by and Lionhart sat before the mirror gazing into that which depicted himself.   Like the surface of the sea was the mirror.  Like the surface of the sea in the sun’s slanting beams, in the darkness of the stars, when no eye can pierce her deeps; vast and mystic as the sea when the sun smites her in such a way that the watchers breath is caught at the glimpse of tremendous abysses.  So was the mirror in which Prometheus Lionhart gazed.

He began to write.

In 2014, he published the first edition of Crack the Core.  The two-volume set became the highest rated Radiology text in the world.  Updates followed – with the 2019 edition representing the 6th incarnation of the text.  Additional writings included a Case Companion, and Physics “War Machine” – both of which were equal in their acclaim.  Even international texts such as Crack the FACR were considered honored works.

Titan Radiology.com was launched and within one year became the top board review course in the country – outpacing the conventional academic based courses by large margins.  Many top universities including the world renown Johns Hopkins held institutional subscriptions to the site.

TeachmeChest.com – a prototype site for teaching the deepest secrets of the art of radiologic interpretation was launched after partnering with his trusted colleague Garrett Walters.

In time, his victories could not easily be counted. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand. All manner of pleasures and diversions were indulged. Wealth can be wonderful, but you know – success can test one’s mettle as surely as the strongest adversary.

As such the great weariness returned, and Lionhart once again visited the mirror. As he gazed into the reflection a gray fog obscured his vision.  A great billow of mist, ever heaving and changing like the ghost of a great river.  Through the fog Lionhart caught swift fleeting visions of the ultimate teaching website.  A tool that combined both didactic lectures and the powerful iRad virtual readout device.  The Radiology Ronin called out to him – and once again his trusted colleague Dr. Walters was brought to his side.

“We must create this,” said Lionhart heavily.  Dr. Walters agreed.

Having no further concern, he and his companion sought adventure – and the site was born.