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Want to learn how to do radiology? Then you need Clinical Mastery!

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Clinical Mastery

The old paradigm of learning clinical radiology from books or single slide images in conferences is over.

Prometheus Lionhart has joined forces with Garrett Walters to create a revolutionary teaching strategy combines didactic video lectures centered on anatomy, disease process, location strategies, interdisciplinary knowledge, and the most powerful clinical tool of all – applied biostatistics.

Best of all,  you can apply your knowledge with a growing library of real interactive cases and skill-based challenges. Plus special topics including; search patterns, perception strategies, dictation, and reporting strategies.

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The iRad Interface

No other imaging course offers a tool this powerful. Learn to use a real PACS so that you can practice your skills just like you would in your clinic or hospital.

Mastering radiology is so much more than memorizing disease patterns and appropriate catheter locations. Have you ever tried looking at a chest X-ray after the placement of a line or tube and just can’t find the tip, but then you saw the radiologist find it right away? The true secret to mastering image interpretation involves knowing how to skillfully use a PACS. Use the tools to master the craft.

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Please Enjoy This Sample Lecture

Meet Your Educators

Dr. Prometheus Lionhart, MD

There comes, even to kings, the time of great weariness.  When the speech of men is as empty as the rattle of a jester’s bell, when the sun is copper in the sky, and even the breath of green ocean is no longer fresh.  Upon this hour, there came a great longing within the heart

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Dr. Garrett Walters, MD

Dr. Garrett Walters studied at the University of Virginia for his undergraduate education, where he graduated with honors with a Bachelor in Science in Chemistry with a Specialization in Biochemistry.  He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, where after only two years of academic excellence he was inducted into Junior Alpha Omega Alpha

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Clinical Mastery

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Hear From Our Students

Michael Akinyemi

I passed both the Core and certifying exams largely because of you. You should be proud. You taught me more than anyone else in radiology.

Nanda Thimmappa, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology MU, Columbia , USA

You are a great teacher, and I certainly recommend your chest x-ray videos to all my residents.

Leanne Jones


The cases are great! I’m an advanced practice radiographer in England. I already have a post graduate certificate to report MSK plain film imaging, but I’m currently studying chest and abdomen now. Your platform, videos, and knowledge have been amazing for me. Thank you so much I’m the first in my institution to do the CXR and AXR rep reporting but others will follow me, and I will definitely recommend they use your site.



I’m a really big fan of your chest radiograph course. Without a doubt the best study resource I have ever used. I’m just hoping you will keep creating more content for other topics in radiology (hopefully with lots of iRad cases). This is the future of teaching



The most comprehensive course on chest x-ray out there. All topics are clearly explained and provide a strong foundation for any medical specialist. The chest radiograph course is a fantastic course that I recommend to all my colleagues.



The chest radiograph course is amazing.


South Africa

Concise and well-illustrated lectures, which were easy to follow. Important concepts (i.e. the "radiology toolbox") were explained and reinforced throughout the course. iRad simulates the reader environment well. The iRad cases were interesting, and the clinical readout was helpful in reinforcing the lectures. Overall, I enjoyed the course content and would recommend it to my colleagues in radiology and other branches of medicine! Thanks again for making radiology education accessible, interactive, and fun!



The website is absolutely brilliant, and the effort and awesome work you guys put in is well appreciated :) Thanks again for the awesome resource!



This is such a lovely site. It explains a lot. I am learning a lot of new stuff just with the anatomy alone.

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